Cedar Park Properties LLC CEO Connie Yoshimura

Cedar Park Properties LLC CEO Connie Yoshimura

PALMER — At a meeting of the Palmer city Council in May of this year, Cedar Park Properties LLC CEO Connie Yoshimura promised the council that construction on the Cedar Park subdivision would be able to get under construction this year. On Tuesday, Yoshimura addressed the council again, saying that issues remained unresolved with the city that would prevent the construction from beginning this year.

“This has been a difficult process and I want to thank everyone that has participated so far. We did reach an impasse over a couple of issues that prevented us from moving forward this year for new construction. I am hopeful if we can reopen negotiations regarding two specific items that hopefully we can come to an agreement so by the end of the year I can go to bid to get bids so that we can be under construction the first part of the spring,” said Yoshimura.

Cedar Park Properties LLC applied for five variances from city code to develop the subdivision of 83 one-acre lots in May. Of the five variances, three were approved by City Manager John Moosey and another two variances went before the council, where they were split. A variance for curb and gutter specifications passed, but the variance request for lighting failed. In August, Yoshimura and engineer Steve Panone expressed their concern over the subdivision agreement provided by the city.

“We do have over nine reservations currently for the subdivision and we have had a number of other inquiries as well, but we have been hesitant to accept any more until we feel that we can properly present the property. We have ordered an appraisal on the property and I’m hopeful that we will have that back momentarily, at which point in time we can go ahead and get our construction financing lined up. So the two issues still are on the table to be negotiated is the amount of the warrantee bond post construction and how a septic system failure can be handled appropriately,” said Yoshimura.

Yoshimura has been developing properties for 35 years and hoped to expedite the construction of the large subdivision of small lots on the north end of Palmer.

“Those are the two remaining issues that I hope we will be able to enter into negotiations and come to a resolution on so that we can move forward. This is an important subdivision for the community, not only for people seeking home ownership but also as taxes, property taxes for the city as well,” said Yoshimura. “I know it’s not just important to me but it’s important to the community as well.”

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