Forrest Dunbar

Forrest Dunbar, one of 15 candidates in the race for Anchorage mayor, held an early lead when the first round of results were released Tuesday. 

A surge of mailed Anchorage municipal election ballots received on Monday will delay release of preliminary results, the municipal clerk's office said in a press release late Monday. Some 45,726 mailed ballots had been received as of Sunday, April 5, with an estimated 10,000 additional ballot received Monday.

The clerk's office said it will take time to go through ballots received Monday, and before any meaningful results can be released.

There are 15 candidates for mayor on the ballot along with measures approving bonds for public facilities, public safety, parks and other purposes. A ballot question in a downtown Anchorage assembly district is polling voters on a recall of assemblyman Felix Rivera.

Anchorage's election is being closely watched as an indicator of the political mood of a city with about half the state's population. Municipal elections are nonpartisan but several conservative candidates for mayor are running and how well they do will indicate a possible swing of voters toward conservatives, with implications for the 2022 races for governor, U.S. Senate and local legislative seats.

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