Election Day

MAT-SU — The Alaska Division of Elections staff began sorting through over 150,000 absentee and questioned ballots on Tuesday and have produced updated results.

None of the outcomes in races for House or Senate seats in the Valley have been changed as a result of absentee ballot counting and none are within reach of any candidate overcoming a deficit, though that has not been the case for other Legislative races across the state.

Statewide, 66,583 ballots remain yet to be counted with 60,132 absentee ballots and 6,035 questioned ballots across Alaska. All districts have completed counting of early votes except for Districts 31, 37, 38, 39 and 40. All questioned ballots cast in the Mat-Su still must be counted except for 230 questioned ballots from District 9 that have been counted. In the six legislative districts across the Mat-Su Valley, 3,592 absentee ballots remain and 1,834 questioned ballots remain.

There have been 1,733 absentee ballots counted from District 7 with 486 absentee ballots and 324 questioned ballots that still remain. First-time candidate Christopher Kurka received 6,164 votes and Jamin Burton received 2,132. With the addition of counted absentee ballots, Burton’s percentage of ballots received increased by nearly four percent.

There have been 1,753 absentee ballots counted in House District 8 with 453 absentee ballots and 422 questioned ballots remaining. Republican Kevin McCabe now has 7,041 votes and Democrat Alma Hartley has 1,588. Hartley’s percentage is up nearly five percent with the addition of absentee ballots.

There have been 2,904 absentee ballots counted in House District 9 and 485 remain. There have been 230 questioned ballots counted in District 9 and 100 remain. Democrat Bill Johnson’s percentage of votes received shot up seven percent but Johnson trails Republican Representative George Rauscher. Rauscher now has 7,215 votes and Johnson received 2,279.

There have been 2,812 absentee ballots counted from House District 10 and 874 absentee ballots along with 363 questioned ballots remain yet to be counted. Republican Representative David Eastman now has 7,110 votes to 2,506 for Democrat Monica Stein-Olson, but Stein-Olson’s percentage increased nearly eight percent with the addition of absentee ballots.

There have been 2,160 absentee ballots counted in House District 11 with 499 absentee ballots and 358 questioned ballots remaining. Republican Representative DeLena Johnson has now received 7,037 votes to 2,443 for Democrat Andrea Hackbarth. The percentage of votes cast for Hackbarth increased 10 percent with the addition of absentee ballots.

Cathay Tilton ran unopposed in House District 12 and has now received 8,310 votes with 795 absentee and 267 questioned ballots left to be counted.

In Senate District D which encompasses House District 7 and 8, Senator David Wilson lost nearly three percent of his lead. Wilson now has 11,821 votes. Democrat nominee Thomas Lamb received 2,568 and former Assemblyman Dan Mayfield received 2,441.

In Senate District F which encompasses House District’s 11 and 12, Senator Shelley Hughes’ lead dropped by six percent. Hughes has now received 13,898 votes. Democrat nominee Jim Cooper received 4,625 votes and Gavin Christiansen received 923 votes, 143 of which came from absentee ballots.

Ballot Measure 1 still trails by 55,000 votes accounting for 19 percent with just over 66,000 votes left to count. Ballot Measure 2 trails by 9,318 votes and just over three percent.

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