City of Wasilla

Supporters of Doug Holler wave signs for the candidate for Wasilla mayor. 

WASILLA — The mayoral race in the city of Wasilla is currently led by Doug Holler, the only one of the three candidates not currently serving on the council.

Voters in the city of Wasilla cast 346 provisional ballots that will be counted by the Canvass Board that began work on Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. and will continue counting ballots to verify the results of the election until Friday. If each one of the 346 provisional ballots that was cast is accepted by the Canvass Board, a total of 9.8 percent of Wasilla voters cast ballots in this year’s election. Of the 721 total ballots cast, 375 were in person. The results of those ballots were announced on Tuesday with Holler taking the early lead.

Holler received 154 votes, accounting for 41.4 percent of the ballots cast on Tuesday and holds a 28 vote lead. Deputy Mayor Glenda Ledford received 126 votes, accounting for 33.9 percent of the ballots and Councilman Stu Graham received 90 votes accounting for 24.2 percent. There were only two write-in votes cast. The winner of the election will only be declared if that candidate receives 40 percent or more of the ballot. If the candidate receiving the most votes does not receive at least 40 percent of the votes cast, there will then be a run-off election between the two candidates who received the most votes.

The Canvass Board in Wasilla will examine the 83 early votes, 225 absentee by mail ballots, 36 questioned ballots and two special needs ballots to determine if they filled out their ballot correctly. Wasilla Clerk Jamie Newman described exactly which ballots would be counted during an interview conducted the day before the election.

“It’s the total number of absentee by mail ballots I’ve mailed out and of course the application period is expired,” said Newman. “That doesn’t include the people that are early voting today.”

Of the 7,326 registered voters in Wasilla, 5.1 percent of them cast their ballots in person, which was reported on Tuesday night. Timothy Johnson ran unopposed for the vacant Council seat D and received 270 votes. There were 18 write-in votes for Council seat D.

Simon Brown II carries a 32 vote lead over Jo Lynn Bozer before the 346 provisional ballots have been counted. Brown II received 170 votes while Jo Lynn Bozer received 138. There were 12 write-in votes cast in the race for Council seat D.

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