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I’ve always prided myself on being an independent thinker. Take each issue as it comes along, gather as much information as I can and make a decision on where I stand. When I moved to Alaska I was asked if I was a conservative or a liberal. I said, independent. The person asking replied, “So you’re a liberal.”

I wrote a column a couple of years ago that published in the Frontiersman and I received some feedback. One email labeled me a conservative fascist while another labeled me a liberal snowflake, for the same column.

The Frontiersman has done a bang-up job covering the legislative sessions and the governor’s budget watch, particularly the sessions held in Wasilla. The coverage has been very neutral and educational. Apparently, some feel my columns have slanted toward the left. You know because I do have issues with the governor’s budget and what it will do to local property owners and their taxes. At the Frontiersman we pay a very high amount of property tax. I don’t mind us doing our part but I’m very much a capitalist. Like Gov. Mike Dunleavy, I want to control costs and keep them at a minimum. Other revenue sources for the Mat-Su Borough are very much welcomed.

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I’ve written in the past couple months columns that support Medicaid, K-12 education and the idea that the state should keep its promise on the 70/30 school bond issue to the Mat-Su Valley. Alaska is not broke.

Last week I wrote a column after I had a couple of conversations with Rep. Mark Neuman. Dunleavy supporters were up in arms with both of us. Let me be clear, Neuman supports Dunleavy. He merely had the courage to say that Dunleavy’s camp has not been clear in communicating his vision. Particularly when it comes to public sector. Dunleavy’s PR team has not helped his cause.

Neuman’s idea of paying the budget out of the Earnings Reserve while a plan is built and communicated is brilliant. But we’re too far down the rabbit hole for any creative ideas. And anyone who believes Neuman supported Walker’s budget from reading my column doesn’t know Mark Neuman.

Well because I haven’t written every word in support of Dunleavy and his budget, I have folks offering their own opinion about how the Frontiersman is veering left. The Frontiersman is still steering down the middle of the road. But with the criticism I’m starting to wonder what constitutes being a liberal.

In honor of Jeff Foxworthy’s visit to Alaska and the Alaska State Fair and his you might be a redneck if… jokes. I thought I’d put some you might be a liberal if… lines together. A litmus test if you will.

You might be a liberal if… you sat in a legislator’s seat for 15 minutes at the Wasilla special session. Even if you weren’t protesting but were resting your legs. Holding hands with the mayor gives you extra credit.

You might be a liberal if… you complain about the price of your prescriptions. This includes us diabetics.

You might be a liberal if… you don’t appreciate the master piece that is Todd Smoldon’s mullet. Even Rick Springfield bows to Smoldon’s mullet. Sorry Todd, I couldn’t resist.

You might be a liberal if… you wore ‘Vote for Dunleavy’ paraphernalia during the election but you didn’t get hired by his administration. Apparently, a temporary government job is better than being gainfully employed in the private sector full time. Remember kids, government hand-outs are frowned upon, but a six-figure temporary government employment, that’s a goal worth achieving.

You might be a liberal if… you read Dermot Cole’s columns and some of it makes sense.

You might be a liberal if… a Chuck Legge political cartoon made you smile.

You might be a liberal if… you actually believe Jeff Landfield’s “story” about Amy Demboski and Tuckerman Babcock. No sources were harmed in this “story” since none were actually cited. Can you actually lay claim to Australian slang if all you ever were to Australia was a tourist from New Mexico?

You might be a liberal if… you see through Suzanne Downing’s one-sided articles. Did she really blame the dentist in the now-over used story of the man who had all his teeth pulled and now can’t afford dentures? By the way don’t blame Dunleavy for his situation either.

You might be a liberal if… you stopped to have a cup of coffee in the UAA coffee shop. Any support for the University of Alaska in the slightest is frowned upon.

You might be a liberal if…you’re willing to settle for a $2,999 PFD check. It’s $3,000 or bust. Bust being the operative word.

And finally, you might be a liberal if… you were caught flat footed by the enormity of Dunleavy’s original proposed budget cuts. Never let them see you sweat or negotiate.

I used that Russian facial app that supposedly shows what you look like when you get older. I actually looked younger. Oh the stress that independent thinking causes!

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