James Irvin Huston

Unexpectedly passed away at his home in Louisville Kentucky on Sunday September 8th.

James was born to Irvin and Dorothy Huston in Palmer, Alaska May 25, 1955. He graduated with a Masters of Accounting and an MBA from the University of Utah. He was married to Penny Kidman and blessed with the birth of 3 children. His youngest daughter died of complications relating to multiple sclerosis in 2010. He worked as an accountant for a number of years during which time he was employed by the US Olympic ski team and later spent 3 years in Saudi Arabia

setting up business systems. He was gifted with the ability to identify areas where improvements could be made both in building and business. He was divorced from Penny in 2003. He married Lucy Axton Miller in December 2004, and he founded Venture Mentors soon afterwards. Venture Mentors assisted disabled people with getting off disability through starting their own businesses. During his spare time, he enjoyed purchasing and renovating houses, which he either rented or sold. He enjoyed home improvements, and he designed and built several impressive additions to his Kentucky home.

He is survived by Lucy and Zoey Miller as well as Michael Huston, Ruth Richard and his mother Dorothy Huston.

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