The misinformation that permeates not only constitutional but also economic truth runs rampant throughout the world. Alaska is no different. Both “capitalism” as well as “socialism” have dirty connotations for many, yet heroic for others. Both need to be clarified.

As practiced today, “capitalism” is anything but. It is actually corporate welfare. It is fascist. Mussolini correctly noted that “Fascism is the marriage of Big Business to Big Government.” Free markets are something entirely different.

Socialism has various flavors but gradually morphs into a totalitarian, command economy. Call it communism, which calls for central banks providing useless paper money to fund the ever-expanding demands of a public that believes government can only do things that were once done by the private sector.

Ask yourself this: What gets more “bang for the buck”? A thousand dollars given to the Salvation Army or to a government welfare department? The question answers itself. The SA consists of volunteers whom people trust. There will be little necessity of defending the public’s demand for accountability of their dollars, since they gave it away voluntarily. They would not have done so if the SA were not trustworthy. As such, all the offices, salaries, regulations, vehicles, benefits, overhead, checking up on the recipients’ qualifications, and bureaucrats checking bureaucrats is completely avoided.

The same can be said for just about any activity, except one. Governments are very good at force. And make no mistake, we need force. If cops seldom can halt crime, they can assist in investigation, apprehension, warrants, courts and a system of statutory justice backing them up.

Support for the arts, students’ education and almost anything else would be better using a voluntary method. Yes, we have private charities, but imagine how much more would be available were the tax burden released from the middle class pockets?

But this won’t work unless the churches properly explain the Christian Gospel. Like constitutions and economics, our culture’s spiritual life is in utter disarray and the Judeo-Christian view completely misunderstood. The supernatural is real, we have responsibilities in not only our private lives but also within our society, and we will be Judged. We will not be asked if we voted for the Democratic Party’s madhouse vision of society, but what we did with our own lives and for those around us.

Families, as Ronald Reagan understood, are the best welfare system. Divorce, contraception and abortion have been the methods used to effect the intentional destruction of the family unit. Liberals and conservatives have all been part of this dynamic. The fact that churches have largely not explained this, but permitted and even institutionalized these ills, is where much of the responsibility lies.

And what of the mega-rich? The words “billionaire socialist” ought to be an oxymoron, but this has been the norm from Engels, Hammer, Soros, Gates, Kennedy, Turner, Rockefeller and right on down the line. They seem to be only giving their money to socialist, green and population control causes. Ever wonder why?

It’s because they want the middle class to be taxed so that they can use socialism as a “moral angle” to institute an utter totalitarian oligarchy. Socialism is a system where everybody tries to live off of everybody else yet results in everyone becoming equally poor.

Except them.

These are worldwide problems, seemingly unrelated to our immediate concerns in Alaska. But Governor Dunleavy has accepted the unpopular role of meeting a crisis that has been years in the making. One recalls Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and also former Anchorage Mayor Tom Fink. They delivered, if imperfectly. If Dunleavy rides out the storm, a leaner and freer Alaska will emerge.

The partial answer, of course, is to find more resources to supplement our revenue shortfall. It is not to institute a vicious income tax, a central tenet of communism, which requires us to pay government for the privilege of earning a livelihood.

While the failure to develop ANWR is a problem imposed upon us by federal control, a proper constitutional understanding of states’ rights and of the limits to federal power is another mega-error we have endured for too long. And while Pebble Mine is a risk, so it may now befit the times.

“Go with the flow” or “Think outside the box”? Dunleavy’s made his choice. We are now making ours.

Bob Bird is a retired public school teacher and radio talk-show host for KSRM on the Kenai Peninsula.

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