To the editor:

With a few strokes of my pen, I vetoed Mike Dunleavy, his free home in Juneau, his travel, his salary. It appears 18,000 other Alaskans have done the same with that number rising to the golden number to boot him out of office.

He reminds me of a two-year-old child given a bowl of spaghetti. In a short period of time – total devastation. That’s what Dunleavy has done to our great State. Some in the legislature acted swiftly and worked hard to clean up the mess. Unfortunately, the majority did not. There is going to be a whole lot of vetoing going on in Alaska’s voting booths.

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Dunleavy sliced and diced every aspect of our population. For some reason, vulnerable senior citizens are a major target. Food, health care, housing are already elusive to far too many who have worked so hard. Bobblehead politicians in U.S. Congress and stumping on the campaign trail are touting “Medicare For All!” They can have it and forfeit their Cadillac plans. Out of a fixed income, deduct Medicare bill, plus supplemental Medicare, plus prescription drug plan. Of course, that terrific Medicare doesn’t cover dental, vision, hearing costs. Hearing and vision losses are causal to serious falls and all the horrid things that come with them. Poor dental health is a major cause of serious health problems. Cleaning by a dental technician is more than $100. Do you get your teeth cleaned or purchase food? And try to find a medical practitioner who takes new Medicare patients!

Food costs are exorbitant and rising in Alaska. Natural gas, electric, waste removal, water/sewer – all have increased. Set incomes have not. Adding insult to injury is the 3% sales tax at the grocery store and on utilities in the Valley. A sales tax should never be allowed on basic food items and utilities. And now, the Mat-Su Borough is ignorant enough to propose an additional 2% be added. Fortunately, Valley residents aren’t falling for this. Once these greedy little bureaucratic buggers get their hand in your pocket, they’ll keep on taking. Hopefully, residents also now will question sales tax on basic items for survival – food, heat, etc.

My heart is absolutely breaking for the folks in the Pioneer Homes. Proposed cost increases are prohibitive and outlandish. I am particularly angered to find the target of Dunleavy’s tantrum includes about 75% U.S. Veterans. Dunleavy slashes senior citizen programs yet throws money away on no-bid contracts for grandchildren of major campaign contributors, ads to promote his antics, amen and ad nauseum. Seems like the State pocketbook has been turned over to someone with no knowledge of reality. His shenanigans have sunken our state to a less than qualified credit rating. And our legislature has enabled him.

Let’s give this two-year-old unqualified, narcissistic governor a major time out with a veto. While you’re at it, take a long, hard look at your representatives and senators. You have the power; kick them out of office. The way the so-called leaders in Alaska are behaving – like bumper cars at a circus — I wouldn’t be surprised if there is no PFD this year. It might be a really good idea to put some of our senior citizens in office. Alaska seniors are knowledgeable, hard-working, well-aware of history and its ramifications, know the true value of a penny. Experience has made them tough – yet they are compassionate. I am opposed to Dunleavy. He’s proven in a short time that he is unfit to govern. I honor and cherish our Alaska veterans and senior citizens. Every citizen has value. Alaskans are unique in that we are Alaskans first – not Democrats or Republicans. Let’s take back the greatest State in the country.

— Jacqueline Fries


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