To the editor:

On Sunday evening, August 25th a tree went down next to our property on the east side of Palmer, snapping the power line. When the line hit the ground, it started the lawn beneath it on fire, sending a line of flames across our property.

Fortunately we water our lawn frequently and the flames quickly subsided. A larger issue was the compromised and dangerous power line. Our 911 call was responded to in minutes. Some of the first responders indicated that they had spent 18 hours fighting the McKinley fire the previous day, which included stepping into ash pits. Yet they came without pause or hesitation. We did not get their names but they know who they are and they have our sincerest gratitude.

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We also want to thank the MEA crew for their diligence for working through the night and repairing the damage.

Our hearts go out to those who have lost so much in the recent spate of wildfires. We are blessed with our good fortune and we hope those so badly affected will be blessed with an expedient recovery.

Tim and Barbara Johnson,


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