I would like to add to the obituary for Louis Jensen, passed on 8/20/19. Lou had the good fortune to have found two great loves in his life, Carol and Janiel. His marriage to Carol was special as illustrated by the obituary and so was his marriage to Janiel, who loved and cared for him the past 13 years. Janiel is a wonderful woman who adored Lou and is heartbroken by his passing. I, as a friend of the couple, want to ensure that family, friends and acquaintances of Lou from other areas know that Janiel always was respectful of Lous’s first marriage and children and Lou respected Janiel’s first marriage and her son. Each lost a great love to death and both had the rare privilege of a second great love. Lou and Janiel traveled to Arizona in the winter, returning to their friends and neighbors in Brigham City each summer. I feel very blessed to have known them both and to have enjoyed spending time with them. Lou leaves a big hole in many hearts and I felt his obituary did not give the honor due his widow who cared for him in his last days. Please know your friend was truly loved.

Judy Kearns,

Bingham City, Utah

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