To the editor:

I live in a cabin on 10 acres of the most beautiful piece of wilderness in Chickaloon. I can see Castle Mountain from my cabin in the clouds. All kinds of wild creatures travel through this place I call home. If this strip mine is allowed it will destroy this place I love. It will run right by my cabin. The pollution and noise will ruin my way of living. I moved out here and retired to get away from the city noise and pollution. I can sit on my 1,300-foot-above-sea-level hideaway and only see two or three vehicles traveling Fish Lake Road in a five-hour period.

This goes out to all Alaskans: please do not let this company destroy our wilderness and way of life here in the Valley. This affects every single Alaskan. If this strip mine is allowed here in Chickaloon, what will prevent it from taking over other areas?

The so-called need for fossil fuel is not worth destroying one of the most beautiful areas God created. Please don’t let this happen.

Tell China they can kiss our butts — they will not destroy Alaska for the sake of coal — because eventually, they will most likely buy from this strip mining company.

Mike Craig


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