Offended by representative’s Twitter postTo the editor:

I write to draw attention to, and condemn, the misconduct and dishonesty of the state representative from District 10, David Eastman.

Recently, Rep. Eastman posted of a picture of, and a quote by, Adolf Hitler (1933-1945). The post also included a link to a website hosting the full content of the Hitler speech that Rep. Eastman thought it was advisable to quote from. This website is an overt shrine to Holocaust denial and white supremacy; its author, one Carolyn Yeager, has also written and posted there articles with such headlines as “The Holocaust scam continues to be the No. 1 identity factor for American Jews and “Blacks put police at risk by aiding and abetting crime in their neighborhoods.” When asked about the website, Rep Eastman claimed to a journalist that he was “unaware” of the website’s contents and simply found it when searching for the speech.

Rep. Eastman, in plain language, is lying. The speech in question is easily found on a wide variety of publicly-accessible websites; the obscure Holocaust-denial website he linked to is nowhere to be found in an Internet search for the speech, either searching by its date or by its key terms.

Nobody posts links to Holocaust denial and white supremacy websites by accident. A normal person, in the profoundly unlikely event that they accidentally linked to a Holocaust denial and white supremacy website, would immediate remove the link and apologize profusely for the error. Rep. Eastman has done neither; the post remains defiantly up and the link active. Even less would a normal person, when asked if they were a Holocaust denier, respond by saying, “There is nothing to deny.” The parsimonious explanation for this bizarre behavior is that David Eastman is a Holocaust denier and and a white supremacist.

As a fellow-alumnus of the United States Military Academy, I am offended in equal parts by Rep. Eastman’s dishonesty and his white supremacy. He merits all the public censure that can be brought to bear: by his fellow-alumni, by his fellow-legislators, and above all by his constituents, to whom he is ultimately responsible. I ask the good people of Talkeetna and Willow, of Trapper Creek and Big Lake: Do you want such a repulsive man to represent you in the State Legislature?

Ivan Hodes,


My wife and I are voting for Matthew Beck for Mat-Su Borough MayorTo the editor:

We have lived in Alaska for 63 years and in the MatSu Borough for 36 years and have seen a lot of changes and growth in both.

We have known Matthew for 15 plus years and through our working together at St. Michael Catholic Church, have seen how he listens, collaborates and makes very thoughtful decisions,

His leadership, team building and organizational skills are just what we need as our borough faces the many issues and challenges ahead.

We urge you to vote for Matthew Beck as our Mat-Su Borough Mayor.

Bill and Sharon Frost,


Voting for BeckMatthew Beck offers a steady, thoughtful and balanced approach to building our Mat-Su Community’s future and can relate to residents both urban and rural, on road and off road. His honesty and commitment to careful listening will serve our Community well!

Dr. Barb Doty,

Former MatSu Assembly Member

Impressed with Matthew BeckTo the editor:

Over the years the criteria I use in selecting those I vote for has changed some. I still look for leadership experience, excellent communication skills, and a good education and reputation. All of those factor in. What has changed is the weight I put on community service and the values the candidate brings to the table. In a small town, the portal through which you can view the impact of a candidate’s life and the choices they have made is much broader and more accessible. I am impressed with Matthew Beck and support his candidacy for Matanuska Susitna Borough Mayor for several reasons. Matthew is interested in the community and the region. He is a doer. He shows up, rolls up his sleeves and digs-in to make things happen. He is the kind of friend that gets up in the wee hours of a cold fall morning to help with traffic control when a group of farmers transition to an indoor venue. His organizational skills and dedication to the market helped to improve the economy of a number of local farmers last year, and helped to ensure the market was sustainable into the future. He is enthusiastic about our community and is invested. The businesses he and his wife have built are respected and they are reinvesting to expand and improve services. The other thing nobody can deny about Matthew Beck is that he has partnered brilliantly in raising his lovely daughters, taught them excellent work ethics and steered them in positive directions. For me, these characteristics and his public service experience blend to make certain that we will have a Mayor that is responsible, responsive and thoughtful. I hope you will consider casting your ballot in favor of Matthew Beck.

Denise Statz,


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