This is a strange letter to write. I am writing to let the Valley public know that although my name will be on the ballot for a seat representing, Assembly District 2, that the public should consider me withdrawn from the race. Please do not vote for me; as it would be a wasted vote.

I mistakenly sent my withdrawal letter to the Borough clerks office; however it was addressed to the wrong address, due to the Borough not receiving my email; and me not formally signing a withdrawal as required by MSB Code. The Clerk’s office is unable to withdrawal my name from the ballot and pamphlet.

Even though on Sept 11. The Clerks office had confirmed that it had not approved the final proof for the printing. I tried to convey the importance of not being listed; as I am not an active candidate, however the Clerk still decided to follow through and keep my name on the ballot.

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This is not anyones specific fault; as the codes and statues are being followed. I did what I thought was an acceptable form of communication; and the Clerk is following MatSu Election laws to the best of her ability.

Furthermore; APOC received my formal withdrawal letter on August 31st; and they contacted me right away; and they assisted me in closing out my reports with the state.. Unfortunately, APOC acceptance does not count towards the MSB Statues.

If you ask why I’m withdrawing my name from the race; know that shortly after I filed I was offered an opportunity that I could not pass up; on August 23rd, 2019 I was offered the dream job within my profession; and that would keep me out of state for better part of a year. This would be unfair to the district and to the borough. I sent my initial withdrawl response shortly after accepting the position; and sent out a follow up communication at the end of the month to inform the borough and the state once more.

I thank you all for your time, and those that sent me tons of support. However, again... Please look at all the ACTUAL candidates and vote with your heart and mind; and cast your vote appropriately. I wish the best of luck to all candidates as I will be looking forward to seeing the election from the lower 48.

Faunus Doney,


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