Internet in Alaska has seen great improvements over the years. Speeds are continually improving, and soon it will be even faster with a 5G data network. Expanding access to broadband opens new opportunities for Alaskans – opportunities from distance learning to telehealth and everything in between. These technological advancements are helping to improve lives across the state. FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai’s work to eliminate the so-called “net neutrality” regime has resulted in additional investment rather than the much predicted death of the internet.

Unfortunately, the proposed government takeover would stall productivity and innovation, hurting Alaskans, their businesses and their families. Despite seeing the positive results of eliminating ill-conceived mandates such as “net neutrality,” our lawmakers in Congress want to halt progress and impose burdensome regulations on our Internet, even though we rely on expanded broadband to close the digital divide and streamline our daily lives.

In Alaska, this over-regulation of our Internet will threaten all the progress that has been made. We can’t afford for Congress to overhaul the Internet and slow the expansion of broadband. Our representatives in Congress need to put Alaskans first and say no to this government takeover of the Internet.

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Larry Barsukoff, JD / MBA, is the General Manager of a multi-state construction company with projects and shareholders living in rural Alaska.

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