To the editor:

In response to Judith Meidinger, 1 April LTE.

The purpose of the townhalls are for information gathering by the legislators from the public, directly. Judith chooses not to attend, that is her right not to participate. However to be as snarky in her comments, just show how the far the left wants to divide vs communicated ideas. BTW, so if you fear armed Alaskans, then by all means go to NY!

As has been said, election ballots are color blind. Election fraud, election law that does not protect the sanctity of our elections must be changed to protecting all voters. Sure, she feels that the elections were great, what with the MSM lying about the many violations of election law. I would bet she has not listened to any of the SB39 testimony given, much less read the bill!

As to her comments on our so called “Justice System”. The ABA has the majority in the council and thus have a long history of picking far left judges. Sure, we vote on Judges and sadly, voters have rarely tossed them out! That is the same voters that vote in and keep the likes of Lisa Murkowski, Reps Tarr, Josephson. All I can do is vote No down the line, this time I voted for 2 who had good Constitutional history.

Suppressing votes? SB 39 actually will support all voters so that their votes are not stolen and thus those voters being disenfranchised because of ballot harvesting practices, ballots going out that were not requested, to people no longer residents, people whom have passed away, not to mention the fraud that may well have occurred with the data breach! Nowhere in the bill does it stop mail in voting. Read the bill! Nowhere does it reduce voting hours, again, both talking points of the extreme left.

Her last paragraph was predicable. Invoking racism from the racist left. It is sad that we are facing such racism from the likes of BLM, ANTIFA, Socialist’s like AOC and her “Squad”. So much good has happened over many decades that supporters of socialism and racism, sexism, etc., like Judith are trying to undo. This is not a fight of personal opinions, this the very fight for our very freedoms that we have enjoyed since the birth of our nation.

Micheal Coons,


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