By To the editor:

At a time when Alaska’s legislators have not yet passed a budget for the new fiscal year that begins in a few weeks, I find it shocking that Mr. Eastman took it upon himself to go and investigate the totally partisan, Trump-prompted Maricopa County “audit” in Arizona. When will Alaskans finally wise up and elect representatives that truly care about the health, welfare, and safety of our residents; the rule of law; and defense of both the US and Alaska constitutions?

Republican Lieutenant Governor Kevin Meyer, whose main mission in office is to oversee and secure the safety of our elections, is quoted in the story as “disappointed” and that “legislators should be in Juneau.” Further, “after the 2020 election in Alaska, Meyer said he would seek an audit of a hotly contested ballot measure to help put to rest questions some had raised about the validity of election results tied to the vote tabulation equipment the state uses. The audit affirmed the measure’s passage, and the director of the Alaska Division of Elections said the audit showed ‘what the division knew it would, that our equipment worked properly, and the 2020 general election was administered accurately and fairly in the state of Alaska.’”

That should have been good enough for Mr Eastman, but instead he’s playing politics and cow-towing to the Trump arm of Republicans, led in our state by Governor Dunleavy. When elected officials undermine our democracy with the Big Lie, they are jeopardizing everything that keeps us free. Their lack of shame alarms and disgusts me.

Judith Meidinger,


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