By To the editor:

My name is Greg Fritz. I’m a retired veteran that served for 22 years in the Army. I have met many good leaders throughout my career, and I’m here to tell you that Matthew Beck is one of those good leaders. I’ve known Matt for over 15 years. I first meet Matt and his family at Saint Michaels Catholic Church. I witnessed Matt’s leadership many times as the Youth Director for Saint Michaels. He also directed and helped to organize volunteers for the annual Slippery Gulch food booth during the Alaska State Fair. During the Fair I saw Matt work long hours to ensure that each day ran smoothly like a good leader does. Matt loves his community. He proved that while serving on the Borough Assembly. He worked tirelessly to make sure the local farmers had a voice on the Assembly. Not just farmers but Matt cares about what happens in his community. He will sit for hours to make sure everyone has been heard. I’m proud to vote for Matthew Beck for MatSu Mayor. I encourage those who don’t know Matt to meet with him, and you will see a true leader.

Greg Fritz,


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