To the editor:

We hear so much about murder, contentious politics, and other negative things these days. We need to hear a lot more about the positive, compassionate, and caring things that happen every day in our world. I’d like to focus on a wonderful act of kindness. On November 3rd I collapsed in the Wasilla Fred Meyer parking lot (later diagnosed with sepsis and severe kidney infection). A husband and wife and another woman who is a PCA immediately came to my aid. They helped me to contact my husband and stayed with me till he came to take me to the ER. Unfortunately, I did not get a look at their faces nor did I get their names. I would like to use this letter to express my gratitude to these unknown angels for their selfless act of kindness. Also I would like to thank Dr. Zink and the medical staff who took such good care of me in the MSRMC ER. Thank you and God bless each of you.

Terri Anthony,


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