I consider myself a member of the Palmer community. Unfortunately, I am a member of the “Greater” Palmer community and cannot vote in the Palmer City Elections. Nonetheless, I have all the pride of someone who lives within the city limits. I love downtown Palmer, enjoy our local events such as Colony Christmas, Friday Flings, all races in Palmer, local restaurants, music at the Alehouse, etc. I take pride in Palmer, love seeing the connected walking/bike paths, am ecstatic about the “please stop for pedestrians” sign and can’t stop staring at the water tower lit up in holiday lights. Because I cannot vote to make Palmer an even better place to live, I would like to urge all those that can vote to check the box for Jill Valerius, in the upcoming Palmer City Council elections. Jill has been a resident of Palmer for 20 years. She lives and works in Palmer. As a 20+ year physician whose focus is helping people attain their goals of healthy living, she is oriented to making Palmer a town where people can enjoy being active at whatever level is best for them. To accomplish this goal she stands for responsible, sustainable growth of Palmer. She is focused on making the city more accessible to pedestrians and bikes and supports local trails. As a small business owner, right in downtown Palmer, she understands the need to plan for and anticipate the future direction of the city and the city’s economy. Let’s keep the small town feel of Palmer, while at the same time, moving it forward with an eye on sustainable growth, voting for Jill Valerius on October 1st.

Rachel Gernat,


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