Alaskans know we are experiencing a crime wave, but many aren’t sure exactly why. Most Alaskans have heard of Senate Bill 91 (SB 91), but may not be familiar with exactly what it means to Alaska. Since the bill was passed by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Walker, Alaska has become one of the most dangerous states in our great country.

In a nutshell, SB 91 is the criminal-friendly and soft-on-crime bill (now law) that handcuffs our law enforcement professionals from doing their jobs and fails to hold criminals accountable. This new law is still referred to as “SB91” to easily identify what created the “catch and release” we all hear about. Those who have experienced a stolen car, only to learn that the thief had been arrested three times for the same offense in the last three weeks, most likely understand some of the impact.

It’s time. It’s time to repeal SB 91; it is time to pay attention to the politicians who voted for it. Those in the legislature who voted YES on SB 91 were presented with information on the many failure points and the risks, they were informed and educated about the potential of the spike in crime – the crime wave we are now experiencing. Our legislature heard from countless law enforcement entities, prosecuting attorneys, victim advocacy agencies, and private citizens who took the time to painstakingly detail an Alaska under SB 91 – educating our elected officials that the passage of SB 91 could create dangerous conditions in our state. Still, they voted yes.

Having advocated against SB 91 since the first time I read it, I remain perplexed. Those Alaskans that were voted to represent us and who we trusted to make the best decisions on our behalf simply failed us. They voted yes even after hearing from the experts in criminal justice who told them….SB 91 is dangerous.

However, it is an election year, and Alaskans are furious and scared and the campaign promises are flying. Alaska is scared, because unlike ever before our families and our businesses are impacted by crime. Furious, because the same politicians who voted and passed this criminal friendly bill are now saying WHOOPS I made a mistake.

I understand mistakes; we all do. We are human. I don’t count as an acceptable mistake the failure to either read a bill that you are charged with voting into law which could be dangerous to Alaska or failing to comprehend the bill once you read it. I would like to thank the legislators who did not support it and voted “no.” For those legislators who say they made a mistake by voting yes – how is Alaska to trust you?

I am Colonel Edie Grunwald, Retired.

I have 31 years serving in the greatest armed forces in the world. I know how to fight, and this is a battle I am committed to. I will fight with and for Alaskans. Alaska is a great state – we just need to elect leaders. I am optimistic as I look to our future, I know Alaska can once again be the greatest state in our country; full of jobs, with a booming economy, a reduced budget, fully paid PFD, and above all, safety for our loved ones.

Colonel Edie Grunwald, Retired, is running for Lt. Governor on the Republican ballot. Edie served for 31 years, has a Masters degree in military strategy and national security, a Masters degree in business organization, is a US Concealed Carry Assoc instructor, and is a graduate of the Colorado trade school in gunsmithing.

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