Dennis Anderson

Abortion is either murder or it is not. There is no in between. Life either begins at conception or it doesn’t. It’s simple right?

I was having this discussion over coffee with a friend this week. We’re both Catholic, both are pro-life. His view is black and white, while mine is a bit gray. I walked away from the conversation wondering am I pro-life or not.

Rep. David Eastman is catching a lot of criticism with his introduction of HB-178. How dare he introduce a bill that dictates to women what they can do to their bodies? But I will say this at least, he has a position and has been consistent with it.

As for me and my position?

Sure, I’m against abortion unless this situation happens or that situation happens then I understand why an abortion is an option. Who am I to tell a woman that she has to carry a child and go through the pain, both physical and emotional, of child birth? Afterall, It’s not my body.

The conversation back at the coffee shop turned to HB178 and went something like this. My friend asked me if I believed life begins at conception. I said, sure I do. I know all three times my wife was confirmed pregnant we were overjoyed. I also know the one time my wife miscarried, which would have been our second child, and instead of three children there would have been four. We were devastated. It was very early on in the pregnancy. The baby was still in the embryo stage. Losing him or her felt real. We mourned. So yes, I believe life begins at conception. Nothing else makes sense to me.

Then my friend asked me, what would you do if a mother and a baby walks in this coffee shop and begins hurting the child? Would you help the child? Well of course I would.

Well he asked, if you believe life begins at conception why wouldn’t want to help prevent harm to a child in the womb?

He made a good point, but my answer started with a ‘but’.

But why would I support a bill that is aimed to prevent abortion but is also aimed at ruining the mother’s life if she goes through with it? Support a bill aimed at making women criminals, and making medical personnel criminals?

Well he answered. Is a pedophile who acts on their sexual impulses on a child a criminal?

Of course. I answered.

So, you’re willing to send them to jail and ruin their life?

I have no qualms about that, I answered.

His point was of course harm to a child is harm to a child. For him there is no difference between an unborn child and a child who has been born.

I asked him, if your daughter was impregnated against her will and was unwilling to give birth to the child what would you do? Support her? If she did have an abortion would you want her to be prosecuted?

His response was that he would refer to the catechism on where he should stand and adhere to that.

For me, it’s not that black and white.

I still cannot reconcile in my mind that abortion is a criminal act. But I also cannot support abortion.

I appreciate the fact that my friend and Eastman have a stance and won’t waiver.

I’m pro-life but I hope Eastman’s bill never sees the light of day past the grand standing introduction he already has done.

I am pro-life when it comes to the death penalty as well. Unless of course if it’s a monster like Ted Bundy then I’m all for justice even if it means death.

Don’t be upset with Eastman or my friend for having a stance. Be upset with me and the other 50 percent of Americans who believe abortion should be legal only under certain circumstance. Our lukewarm attitudes are what is holding back the debate.

Dennis Anderson is a group publisher for Wick Communications Alaska, Colorado.

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