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Creating government policy that reflects conservative values requires having legislators that prioritize the conservative stance on the issues.

So asserts Jim Minnery, president of the Anchorage-based Alaska Family Alliance.

He is taking action to support the election of conservatives via a candidate and campaign management workshop Friday and Saturday at the BP Energy Center in Anchorage.

“Transforming culture through pro-family public policies only happens when the right people are in place,” Minnery said. “That sounds obvious but for far too long our Alaska Legislature has been comprised of individuals who do not prioritize issues related to life, marriage and family, and religious liberty.”

He thinks Alaska can do better to protect the unborn, secure parental notification rights create more educational opportunities for families wanting a different approach than provided by the public school system.

“We can better ensure that everyone's rights, including those with deeply held Biblical convictions, are respected and allowed in the marketplace of commerce and of ideas,” Minnery said.

That is why his organization is partnering with The Leadership Institute based in Arlington, Virginia, to teach interested Alaskans a variety of political campaign skills including how to organize a campaign staff and structure as well as how to effectively communicate with voters, manage crisis situations, raise funds and work with the media.

Scheduled presenters are Charles Ryan Adams and Robert Arnakis.

In the 2016 Alabama Republican primary race, Adams was the political director for federal Sen. Richard Shelby, who faced a five-way race, but ultimately won the primary taking 65 percent of the vote in large part due to Adams’ organizational efforts, according to the LI website.

Arnakis is the senior director of domestic and international programs for LI. He has worked with senior staff for multiple congressional and presidential campaigns as well as having significant consulting experience for grassroots campaigns.

The event is scheduled from 5 to 8:30 p.m. on Friday, June 22, and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sat., June 23. Cost is $20 for both days of training and meals.



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