We should all have a Princess, at least once in our lifetime.  This royal Labrador retriever mix is approximately 5 years old and is as sweet a dog as you will ever meet.  Princess loves to play ball and interact with other dogs and cats.  There will be no mice in her castle, as she is a very competent mouser!  Her current guardian is going to be very particular about the family that plans on adopting Princess, because she is such a special dog.  If you plan on adopting her, please make sure that you are home a great deal, so that you can develop a strong bond with this gal.  Princess will run off, looking for adventures, so must be on a leash or in a fenced yard when outdoors. 

To meet Princess or learn more about her, call Helen at 715-8198 or Angie, at Alaska Animal Advocates, at 841-3173

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