POW Renegade

Renegade is a beautiful 3 year old guy! He's affectionate, adventurous, playful, cuddly and smart.

Renegade is a beautiful 3-year-old guy! He’s affectionate, adventurous, playful, cuddly and smart. He does like to bathe in the attention of his family, and loves to play with stuffed animals and kongs. Renegade has plenty of energy and would love to go on walks and runs with you. He likes car rides and is crate trained. Renegade can be vocal if there’s something he wants, or there’s something he’s not getting. He likes kids, but he should not be in a home with livestock, especially chickens. He just thinks chickens are too darn tasty. Renegade must also be properly restrained in his yard so he doesn’t have access to other’s chickens. Renegade does like other dogs, but can be very possessive and/or aggressive when toys are present. For more information, contact the Mat-Su Borough Animal Care and Regulation Shelter at 746-5500 or visit 9470 E. Chanlyut Circle, near the borough landfill. To see photos of more local pets available for adoption, visit petharbor.com and search by the Palmer zip code 99645. Volunteer opportunities are available at the shelter for people of all ages.


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