Mat-Su Career and Technical High School yearbook staff

Students on Mat-Su Career and Technical High School’s yearbook staff — Virginia Poe, Lily Harris, Madison Ellington, Lucas Hyce, Nicolette Edwards, Andrea Kilborn, Carly Ellington and Bonnie Snyder — show they are ready to take on the future.

WASILLA — There are many words that, although may not be said aloud, are certainly implied. Some words can only be found be reading between the lines. Some can be implied without saying anything.

At Mat-Su Career and Technical High School, everyone knows the words. We may not say them or hear anyone say them directly to us, but we hear them, in our heads, every time we walk through the school’s front doors. “We are the future. We are the leaders of tomorrow. We will make our world a better place.”

As each day goes by, we add something new to our lengthy list of accomplishments. We have work experience, career skills, recommendations, high-ranking connections, certifications and college education. We are showing the world we are ready to make a difference.

Here, it all starts with a question buried under layers of other related questions; would you like a guarantee to success in the future? If given such an opportunity, would you make the most of it? Will you contribute to keeping the reputation of our school distinguished? You see, before we could start our education, we had to show we were worth the investment.

You can’t make something without investing something in it, right? You invest time, money and materials into projects. You have to invest time into planning. You have to invest money into materials. And materials are invested into making a project become reality.

After you invest millions of dollars into a project, you don’t want it to see it go to waste. Our school was one such investment. Our school would not just take anyone — we had to answer the unasked questions and show that we had what it took to take charge of our futures.

With all these expectations in mind, we have to know that we have to show that we are serious about the paths we are choosing to take. For example, if we have problems, we are expected to take care of them ourselves. We answer this straightforward question: This is a business school, a school that operates like the real world of employment. So given that, do you have the skills to make this problem go away?

Every day of every week of every month of every school year, we walk in and out of our school’s doors, each day marked by the passing of numbers on a clock. As days become weeks, weeks become months and months become years, we soon will be dressed in gowns, ready to accept our diplomas and make our ways in the world.

As we will stand there, ready to throw our hats in the air, we will feel our hearts surge with pride. We will remember all that it has taken to get to this point. We will imagine what our paths will look like from this point on. We will again hear the words in our head, “We are the future. We are the leaders of tomorrow. We will make our world a better place”.

This time, everyone will hear and know them.

Anita Laulainen is a junior at Mat-Su Career and Technical High School.

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