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Consumers view agriculture as part of the solution to climate change rather than the problem, according to a recent study by Cargill. People who said that climate change was important to them also rated livestock and agriculture lowest in negative impact compared with other industries. More than one-third of respondents in Cargill’s global Feed4Thought survey expressed confidence in agriculture’s ability to limit its contributions to climate change.

It’s understood that our climate is changing. While there is no one solution for addressing climate change and its effect, there is momentum b…

The tide has changed on global warming. Two initiatives announced in the last two weeks suggest the pivotal moment has arrived.

A scientist has an idea for reducing global carbon-dioxide emissions — fight Alaska forest fires more aggressively.

Alaska is getting some of the worst impacts from the world’s warming climate but its economy could get a major and lasting boost from the batt…

Climate change (including the ocean acidification that comes with it) is here, and it is a huge threat. But there is some good news: there are…