Howard Delo

Thanksgiving Day is this Thursday. Many families gather to enjoy the holiday over a turkey or ham dinner and catch up on their respective families’ activities over the past year. Folks will travel a long way, often across the country, to take part in these family reunions and holiday feasts. Talk will, inevitably, turn to politics and religion, but if everyone keeps things civil, there just might be a good exchange of ideas and nobody will get crossed off the Christmas gift exchange list!

We’re a month away from Christmas and thoughts are turning to those mentioned gift exchanges. What do you get for your favorite outdoors person? First, it’s always a promising idea to ask the person what they might like or could use. Some people start hinting about their hoped-for gift by leaving outdoor equipment catalogs open to the page containing their dreamed of, and often circled in red, gift and these catalogs are often strategically scattered about the house where the potential gift buyer will notice them.

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