Howard Delo

Next week is Thanksgiving. Today, I’ve been wondering what we really have to be thankful for. The COVID-19 pandemic is still raging and, in fact, seems to be getting worse. While I applaud President Trump for standing his ground and challenging the election results in the face of widespread, but relatively minor fraud numbers, my guess is he will eventually have to concede the election to Biden.

I am deeply disappointed in the American populace for the way they voted in the presidential election. While control of the US Senate is yet to be determined with the Georgia runoff elections, the conservatives still could end up controlling that congressional body. On the US House side, the conservatives ended up gaining something like 10 seats and could possibly even take back control in the 2022 elections.

Considering these congressional outcomes, I don’t understand the presidential outcome. I expected a stronger showing for the conservatives given, among other things, the unprecedented record number of firearms sales that has occurred this year. The federal NICS background check system has already processed more gun transfers to date this year than had occurred for the entire 12-month period of 2019, which had been the previous record.

Literally millions of guns were sold to new, first-time gun buyers this year. What prompted this situation? Fear over the continuing pandemic, the rioting in major urban centers across the country, which is still ongoing, and the fact this was an election year all spurred gun sales. I’m wondering how many of the first-time gun buyers realize that the liberal party platform calls for all kinds of restrictive gun bans, registration (which historically, leads to confiscation), and firearms taxation which could occur with the liberals holding the White House.

Back when Clinton had just gotten elected, but before he took office, I attended a gun show where I bought a model 1911, 45-caliber, semi-auto handgun. I had always wanted one and decided to get one then because nobody knew whether that type of firearm would even be available after Clinton assumed the presidency. I would call that purchase a, “fearful buy.” As it turned out, Clinton, by executive order, banned the make of the gun from future importation, but not the gun itself.

I’m doing the same thing now. There’s currently a couple of manufacturers producing a gun ideally suited, in my opinion, to home defense. I’ve thought about getting one for a while but didn’t do so because of cost and availability. I’m actively pursuing acquiring one of those style of firearms as I write this because I expect that type of gun will be one of the first to be restricted or banned because of the way it looks, not how it functions.

Okay, let’s look at the glass being half-full instead of half-empty. Times are tough, but my family and I are getting along fine. We have the income to afford food, and heating oil. The vehicles are in good repair and running fine when we need them. Our health is good, and we take active precautions on the infrequent trips we make out of the house to protect ourselves from the COVID-19 virus.

A vaccine will soon be available to further help in virus protection, and since I’m an old guy with background issues, I’d expect to be toward the front of the line when the vaccine is available for distribution. I’ve already gotten all the other vaccines recommended for “old guys,” like pneumonia and shingles, and my prescription plan covers the cost of medications keeping my background health issues under control.

I don’t need any new “toys” to keep myself occupied. In fact, I probably already have more toys than I can realistically use for the foreseeable future. I just need to get outside and use them! Now, if the weather would just warm up some and let me get out there!

I’m thankful to still be living in a free country, at least for the moment, where individual initiative and a capitalistic economic system still prevail. I can still have my freedom of religious beliefs and I believe that everything that is happening is doing so as part of our Creator’s master plan.

I was chatting with my pastor earlier this week and he commented that we have the government we deserve. He followed that comment up with the statement that God is in control. I told him I believed that, but it doesn’t mean I have to like what is going on!

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