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Yet another half-baked idea from our Worst. Governor. Ever. Where's the planning that went into this pipedream? This isn't going to happen for a variety of reasons. It's just another ploy to rev up Valley residents (except a lot of us) and Dunleavy's True Believers.

Third rate bloviation in a sea shills.

Lots of dollar numbers, but not included in this piece is the profits made by mining companies. Itemizing profits would enable the reader to better put the other numbers in context.

Chickaloon Kid commented on Health care and Dunleavy’s budget

Dennis Anderson - Thank you for your informed, articulate, personal comment on a topic of great significance.

Just another example of the untoward side effects of Dunleavy's irresponsible budget proposal.... health facility expansion stopped, no new construction, anticipated construction jobs don't materialize, etc., etc. How to cripple an economy? Dunleavy/Babcock/Arduin are in the process of sh…

Rational action by the majority of the Assembly overcomes the passionate paranoia generated by fearmonger Brian Endle.

In other words, Dunleavy's budget is an Alaska trainwreck in progress.

Good on ya Kevin Brown!

Pretty good analysis Dennis Anderson. Of course, much of what Assemblyman McKee said is baloney. Mayfield's resolution could have been amended on the spot during the meeting. Chalk Assemblyman Sumner's misguided vote was a rookie mistake (I hope) by an unseasoned local government official…

Those that genuflect before our new would be emperor make me reach for antacids.