Brian left out the facts, again. First issue is the assessed tax on the race complex acreage, and the low assessed value on their 'improvements'. MSB is not assessing the value of anything but a structure. Meanwhile no one wants to build a home next to harmful noise and heavy traffic. Tax b…

nice ad. sure wish my name was earl

CHummel commented on Ferry’s fate remains in doubt

mayfield = obstructionist ; the taxpayers have said NO to any more ferry funding.

Most people living in msb have no idea the property taxes they have paid for years were spent to build ski chalets, a corroding, unused ports and a broken unused ferry IN LIEU of public service such as solid waste, fire, sanitation and emergency preparation.

Every lake in MSB must be a sewage lagoon if we want to prosper. Just ask Alex and Eileen; MSbB's loophole specialists who we hired to help developers find and use loopholes in state or federal law.

At least Alaskans do not mind more noise: guns, loud cars, howling dogs and screaming children are no more of a nuisance than a mosquito bite.

our local news = 'the smudgereport'

Dear Sewer and Water and Crime and Trash:
Please disappear so the taxpayers will think we do stuff.

never mind, i see it now. Let's spend it on trooper overtime!

I see no mention of the amount of actual cash that was seized. Zero, Nada, Why? Where is it? Campaign fund donation?

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