A big part of the failing education system is..........THE PARENTS. Many times they are too drunk or stoned on some kind of drugs to actually get up, get their kids up and feed them in a timely manner in order for them to get to school on time. Parents sitting on the sideline and blaming t…

"Goyette noted that of the $9.9 million in the unassigned fund balance,"
And THAT represents what is wrong with every agency in the state. They all have their own piggy banks. It is time for the state to take control of that and put it back into the general fund. It wasn't that…

Let me tell you how it will be
There's 1 for you, 19 for me
Cause I'm the Tax man
Should 5% appear too small
be thankful I don't take it all
Cause I'm the tax man
If you drive a car, I'll tax the street
If you try to sit, I'll tax your seat
If you get too cold…

Onermailliw1 commented on Wasilla pays for tax study

As long as Bert Cottle is Mayor, Wasilla will continue to look for new revenue streams. That's the way he was in Valdez. Spend, spend, spend til there ain't no end.

Now go join your buddy in prison. Your others buddies will be joining you shortly. This state needs the Death Penalty

Take notice, PARENTS. These kids were allowed to do whatever in the absence of adult supervision. Sure, you taught them right from wrong and they are teenagers, but YOU NEED to have conversations with your children DAILY, find out what they are doing and who they are hanging out with. Parent…

Maybe if Talkeetna was a little more proactive taking care of it's problems, this wouldn't have happened. You got a ton of tourist who come and use your facilities. It makes perfect sense for them to pay for the upgrades. I'm sure your old Mayor would even agree.

Onermailliw1 commented on Response to opinion piece

But the question remains, do those entering the country illegally be given the right to due process? The government should be following the rule of law and not even allow these people entry. There are 8 consulates and 1 embassy in Mexico. No one should show up at our border without proper d…

Onermailliw1 commented on Begich hype

Begich was the vote that brought you Obamacare. There is a reason he was a 1 term Senator. Do we really want him in charge of the state? My answer is NO. Vote Dunleavy

Sorry, I have enough Baggage. He was a Shyster when he became a Senator and the reason why he got the boot after 1 term. Now people are falling for "his plan" again? C'mon people, is your memory that short? Let him stay sidelined. He'll probably run for Lisa's seat in 4 years when …

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