reasonableperson commented on Valley senators lose key positions

Once again the idiots we send to the legislature get maneuvered out of whatever little power they had. Same old story. For about 40 years now. We elect people with no brains and no juice, and wonder why we don't receive the State resources we need.

Boy I get it. The road used to be so good. When you move to a place with a lousy, unsafe road like KGB is and has been for twenty five or more years, and then watch the neighborhood fill up with houses, new schools, businesses, industrial traffic, etc., did you really expect the traffic t…

reasonableperson commented on State’s future is looking good

Apparently Tom Brennan has morphed into Pollyanna. Clearly Tom Brennan is no economist. If he would walk outside he would find that it's already raining.

Really happy seeing some money going into fixing up King's Lake Camp. It's been a Valley tradition for sixty or more years.

It's not just Fred Meyer. It's any place that there is food, indoors or outdoors. Rodents are a major problem around the world. There is a new company called Senestech that is currently a new rodent control technology. Almost all technologies in use now utilize poisons, called rodenticide…

reasonableperson commented on Assembly introduces tax

A sales tax is not the answer. Property taxes most fairly spread the burden. Do you really want to give big tax breaks to the largest property owners, all outside corporations? To be paid by you, the local consumer. Raise property taxes if you must, but a sales tax is a royal screwing for…

reasonableperson commented on Supporting local government in the Mat-Su

Nils, you wrote a very thoughtful and most correct piece. A couple comments. The Mat-Su has always got the short end of the stick. We elect people to the legislature who are unable to deliver. We have for forty years now. Second, the Borough lives on property taxes. Most of the assesse…

Talking about big budget cuts, and campaigning on big budget cuts is the easy part. Actually cutting the budget is the hard part. I predict that reductions of only 10% in critical government services will produce a howl amongst the masses. Some extra PFD money isn't gonna help much if you…

Did I read that right? Another $6 million being literally sunk into the port? You'd think that if you hit yourself in the head enough times you'd either pass out or die, but these suckers are like the Everyready Bunny.

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