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Hi, my name is Jacob Mann. I cover the Art Beat for the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman.

When it comes to creativity, some people think it’s something you have or you don’t. After many years of interviewing creative types across many mediums across the Valley, I can tell you first hand that creativity is abundant out here and it takes on many forms.

I’ve gathered some of the highlights of local quotes touching on local creativity and the value of fostering creative inclinations in yourself and others.

“I think it’s about meeting different people that are interested in the arts or artists themselves. It doesn’t matter. We’re really open to that because everybody is artistic in some way. A lot of people say, ‘oh, I’m not an artist’ or ‘I’m not artistic,’ but you are some way, somehow.”

— Valley Arts Alliance Executive Director Carmen Summerfield

“We have some amazing local talent out here… It would just be nice for the local guys to get to be able to do their original stuff more, to be able to be heard. That’s what anybody wants as a creative personality, is to be able to get their stuff out there, to get it heard.”

— local musician Clay Arnold

“I love the Valleys local talent. I just wish more people knew how much more fun we can have out here… People are hungry for entertainment and we have all the things they need…”

— local comedian Sabrina Speers

“I think anytime anyone who helps another person gets rewarded. I’m a great believer that what goes around comes around... I’m not an art teacher but I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other people to get their creative juices flowing and see how excited they are when they can paint their first picture… Don’t give up on your dream because ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained.’ Not everybody is gonna be a DaVinci or a Michelangelo, but if what you create makes you feel good, that’s all that counts… I think when you challenge yourself and do something different or paint outside your comfort zone, then you grow as an artist.”

— Palmer painter Jerry Kelly

“It’s important. It draws people together. It gives them something to focus on, something to participate in, and try something that they haven’t even thought about trying.”

— Latitude 67 Laser Designs owner Gale Glenn

“Discovering one’s creative outlet I think, is absolutely essential. Find a medium that both causes you to question your place in the world, and gives you cause to depict your world for others. We ask and are asked time and again whether or not various presentations-whether paintings or music or novels, are “art”, and I think the answer lies in whether or not something simultaneously assures you of your place in the order of things, and makes you question what you know. I think it’s imperative that we all create that kind of familiar human dissonance for ourselves and each other, and that we view it, especially in unlikely settings.”

— Local writer Michele Harmeling

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