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When filing for you PFD, don’t forget about the countless Non-Profit Organizations across Alaska that depend on people like you to help ensure this state is a great place to live, work, play, and retire. Learn about a few of them here, and how you can donate if you’ve already filed.

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This excursion wasn’t hunting as much as harvesting, sort of the wilderness version of a trip to the local grocery store’s meat department. That’s how Kevin explained our upcoming snowmachine trip where he would attempt to fill his 1994-95 Unit 16B, Tier II bull moose permit.

    Whitefish Humpback and round whitefish are commonly found in lakes and rivers of the Upper Copper/Upper Susitna Management Area (UCUSMA), yet many anglers do not think of targeting them. Whitefish can be taken year-round by rod-and-reel and may also be taken by spear or bow and arrow from Oc…

    (Because of my upcoming surgery, I’ve not been able to get out and do much. Here’s an icefishing story from seventeen years ago that could have almost happened yesterday.)

    January 15th is now a Historical Date—It will be remembered as sonic boom day—the day when Palmer Alaska received percussive reminders from Tonga. It was both wild and fantastic.

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