To the editor:

It has been eight days since the Mat-Su Borough School board met to discuss the so-called “banned” books. I have watched nothing but untrue information circle the internet about this event. One of the main things I would like to focus on is the fact that every English class we took or are currently taking, you were told to find reputable sites. I was lucky enough to have gone to amazing schools in this district and learned, when writing a report, check your facts to make sure your information is coming from an accurate source. They taught me to find out facts and question when things don’t seem right.

At first, I was upset because I read from many different news outlets that my favorite book from high school was banned. That is simply not true. Did any person who is on Facebook complaining about this book ban, or any additional news outlet that picked up the story do their due diligence? I hope I made my English teachers proud because I did. These books are not banned.

On April 22, a regular school board meeting met and discussed “High School English Elective Curriculum and Reading List Part 1” in this, they discussed the curriculum of specific classes including Poetry, Journalism, Creative Writing, English 3, and English 4. The books in question were merely removed from the curriculum of individual courses, as well as removing the New York Times. Nowhere in the meeting was it said that these books were banned from schools, banned from being read or taught. They were simply taken out of a set curriculum to align it further, and to take out controversial topics.

You can still disagree with the removal of these books from the individual curriculums. However, before you share the news story stating that these books were banned, please make your English teachers of this district proud and do your own research. We are all free thinkers, so this principle should not stop with this one incident, I encourage you to think for yourself. Before you share a story that you feel passionate about, make sure you have all of the facts and verify that your information is truthful. This banned book story is now worldwide, there are so many other great things our schools should be known for, this is not one of them

— Sienna Best,


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