To the editor:

Well. We all have human compassion.

Sympathy is a virtuous emotion. We all agree.

We all have neighbors. No one is perfect.

Having said that, let us calm our emotional impulses and think rationally for a minute or two. Can you do that for me? I bet you can.

What if, the very first thing that a person does in this country is to break the law of this country?

Yes. I am talking about illegal immigration.

Do you love Mexico? I do. I have been to that awesome country many times when I lived in California for many years.

Mexico is beautiful. Beautiful people, beautiful scenery, beautiful culture, beautiful food, beautiful everything.

Rich people in America take their own money, and go on vacations to Mexico. Why? To them, Mexico is a paradise.

Then, why sending the DACA kids back to Mexico is a bad thing? As if sending them to hell, as a punishment? I don't understand.

What if we let DACA kids stay here in America? Would it be a heaven? If so, why do they join MS 13 and become gang members?

What future is better? To be a gangbanger in America, or to be a hard working Mexican in Mexico?

The DACA movement is not a humanitarian efforts, folks. It's a political maneuver. The political party knows this:

"If we bring them in, and give them citizenship, they will all vote for our party in the next election."

OK? Let us not be fooled by politicians, folks.

Sympathy? Who says Mexico needs sympathy? Do you think America is better than Mexico? As an American who appreciates Mexicans and their culture, I refuse to be condescending to Mexico.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mexico is a great country.

Who loses when Mexicans come to America illegally?

Who dies, who gets raped?

Isn't it Mexican women and children, jammed at the back of a truck?

When Mexicans cross the border at night, who suffers from brain drain and brawn drain? Is it Mexico, or America?

Who benefits from the cheap labor? Mexico or America?

Who suffers from slavish working conditions? Mexicans or Americans?

See, politicians don't care about Mexicans. That is not what DACA is about. It is about votes, elections.

Come 2020, vote for me.

I shall build the wall for free. By commercializing it.

Advertisement leasing, internationally.

The Wall of Love.

— Huhnkie Lee


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