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On June 9th 2018 I walked into the Loussac Public Library in Anchorage and interjected a message into the “Story Time with a Drag Queen “ event and told the children, “ There’s no such thing as Transgenders and God made men men and women women and that cannot be changed.”

  I recorded this event on my phone and posted it on YouTube and Facebook and it has since gone viral and has appeared in local and national news outlets.

   My actions, although angering many, have also struck up a symphony of sympathy amongst many Christians — Christians who have grown tired and disgruntled over progressive and aggressive sexual deviancy being force fed to our society.

  In the early 80’s when gays first emerged from the closet, the narrative was simply geared towards the laudable goal of them being free from violence. Then it became about “tolerance”. Then it morphed into an “alternative lifestyle “ and from there evolved into cries of acceptance. From acceptance came demands for equality and marriage and now that they have achieved marriage it has taken a much darker turn. A turn towards forced approval even at the expense of the right to oppose.

  We are now told we must bake gay wedding cakes, allow those who self identify as whatever gender they fancifully invent to invade our privacy in locker rooms and restrooms, and force us to use androgynous pronouns that make no sense.

  Then there are the children. For many Christians this is a red line that we will not tolerate crossing.

    I understand exactly why the homosexual activists are doing “Story Time with a Drag Queen“. Since, biologically, they cannot replicate, they must therefore, politically indoctrinate in order to reproduce their own kind. Story Time with a Drag Queen is a sexual molestation of the minds of children for the sole purpose of grooming them for future sexual immorality.

  This is the primary reason I did what I did at the library. My secondary reason was to motivate Christians to rise up to action and not simply ignore this latest step as they have with all the other steps taken over the last thirty years. One has to wonder, “What is the end game for these activists as it pertains to their sexual politics?”

 The end game is the end of Christian-dominated influence in American politics and culture. The end game is to relegate Christianity to the same regards and status that the Ku Klux Klan now currently enjoys in regards to race. They want Christianity to be hated and despised to the very same degree as the white supremacists.

 So, Christians, what do you plan to do about this? Do you plan to stand and speak? Do you plan to roll up your sleeves and hat righteously involved in the culture and politics? Do you plan to fight for the children against this blatant display of sexually deviant grooming? Or do you plan to just sing louder in your churches while homosexuals and transgenders load your fellow brethren into trainloads of cattle cars destined for the camps? Your choice, choose wisely.

David Grisham is Pastor at the Last Frontier Evangelism-Repent Alaska


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