PALMER — The Valley was picked as the location for the signing of several pieces of legislation Thursday.

Gov. Sean Parnell, along with Sens. Charlie Huggins (R-Wasilla), Lesil McGuire (R-Anchorage) and Mike Dunleavy (R-Mat-Su Valley), were among those present at a signing ceremony at the Matanuska Valley Sportsmen Shooting Range.

Included in the signing ceremony:

• House Bill 24, which adds Alaska to the list of states with so-called “stand-your-ground” laws;

• House Bill 69, which says any federal laws that violate the Second Amendment are unenforceable in Alaska;

• House Bill 83, which clarifies that a federal statute, regulation or presidential executive order that is not properly adopted, or is unconstitutional, does not preempt state law;

• and, House Bill 33, which clarifies one-handed hunting and utility knives do not qualify as switchblades.

Several resolutions also were recognized at the event Thursday, including:

• House Joint Resolution 12, which encourages and invites gun and gun accessory manufacturers to bring their businesses to Alaska;

• Senate Joint Resolution 6, which says Alaskans are unified in opposing any federal executive orders on gun control;

• and, Senate Joint Resolution 2, which urges “Congress and the President of the United States to restrain federal intervention into state resource management that threatens Alaska’s security and prosperity in the management of state resources.”

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