PALMER — On July 25, MTA Fiber Holdings LLC announced that Ciena will provide networking systems, services and software for the development of the first all-terrestrial fiber networking connecting Alaska to the United states, the Alaska Canada Overland Network (Alcan ONE).

Ciena was incorporated in 1992 and rode the internet boom in 2001, achieving annual revenue of $1.6 billion in the U.S. by 2001. The use of Ciena’s 5170 Service Aggregation switch and 6500 Packet-Optical platform will increase security of the network while enabling increased volume with faster and more comprehensive protection.

“We are very proud to have chosen Ciena’s robust, optical and packet platforms to play a vital role in AlCan ONE, making the network best-in-class and exceeding the highest industry standards,” said CEO of MTA Michael Burke. “Our customers will now receive faster, lower-latency service, and experience quicker recovery times for any possible outages, making this a win for residential, business and governmental users, and ultimately for the state of Alaska as a whole.”

Once complete, AlCan ONE will begin with a capacity for 100 terabits per second and expect additional expansion as demand increases. The completed long-haul fiber network will create a secure and reliable fiber connection to any point in the contiguous U.S. Construction has already begun and MTA’s goal is to have the network completed by summer of 2020.

“Ciena is focused on meeting MTA Fiber Holdings’ short- and long-term needs and helping them address any business challenges presented in building a top-of-the-line network,” said Vice President and General Manager of North America Sales for Ciena Bruce Hembree. “The integration of Ciena’s optical and packet technology into the AlCan ONE network will greatly improve services and bandwidth for customers as well as allow for continued growth moving into the future.”

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