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Evergreen Dental is located at 125 West Evergreen Avenue in downtown Palmer. For more information, call 907-531-3477.

PALMER — Evergreen Dental staff celebrated their arrival to downtown Palmer with a ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by the Greater Palmer Chamber of Commerce April 16.

“It’s always exciting to have a new business come to town,” Palmer Mayor Edna DeVries said.

Evergreen Dental owners Clint Henrie and Kent Marchant opened their practice in the fall of 2020. They’ve participated in numerous community events including Colony Christmas and the Chamber’s Halloween event.

“I think it’s great. Those guys were so nice and they’re from small towns and they want to be a part of a small town,” Palmer Chamber Executive Director, Ailis Vann said.

Henrie said they feel right at home in Palmer’s small yet supportive community. He said it’s a “breath of fresh air.”

“We just like the feel of a tight knit community... when you grow up in a small town they can’t take that out of ya,” Henrie said with a laugh. “We’re both small town raised kids; that’s what we want to be a part of.”

According to Merchant, their total call volume has been steadily increasing since they opened. He said the ribbon cutting and continued interest from the community is very encouraging.

“We’re growing,” Merchant said.

Henrie said their mission is to provide high quality across the board. He said they’re not in it for the money.

“This is more of a labor of love,” Henrie said.

According to Vann, the most recent ribbon cutting prior to this event was for Cobb Street Market’s new location earlier this year. Prior to that, they cut the ceremonial ribbon for Matanuska Brewery and Tap Room’s new restaurant addition in the fall of 2020.

“With COVID, it’s scary. A lot of businesses are struggling. They’re not all thriving but they’re surviving and I think that’s because there’s so many wond people that are willing to spend money and buy local instead of getting things online and all that. It’s very encouraging to me that retail space doesn’t stay open very long in Palmer and there’s always people asking…” Vann said.

DeVries said the constant flow of ribbon cuttings for new and existing businesses and the anticipation of upcoming community events and activities like Who Let the Girls Out and Friday Fling is encouraging after a long and isolating year plagued by the pandemic.

“People are just anxious I think just to get out and get around… You think about where we were this time a year ago… It’s nice to put all of that behind us,” DeVries said. “We want these businesses to survive.”

Evergreen Dental is located at 125 West Evergreen Avenue in downtown Palmer. For more information, call 907-531-3477.

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