Katie McKee

It was a busy day on the pediatric floor, and my little patient was in desperate need of a life-saving infusion. Pharmacy had just delivered the medication and clearly stated that it needed to be administered within a tight, 30-minute window. Oh—and it was expensive: in the ballpark of $30,000 expensive. I was ready to roll. Vital signs were done, infusion pump was prepped, and my little patient’s IV carefully placed and secure.

I entered the room, primed the infusion, and attempted to flush the IV with saline to check for patency. No success. I applied back pressure, extended the child’s arm, re-taped the dressing, repositioned the lumen, and tried again. Nothing. This IV was useless. The child’s veins were extremely difficult to access, and in nurse-world, we would classify him as a “tough stick.” My little 3-year-old patient had already been poked four times from failed attempts, and I wasn’t about to add a fifth.

Jokingly, yet equally desperate, I told everyone in the room to pray to the “IV gods.” I bowed my head quietly, and in silence, offered a heartfelt prayer. The child’s grandfather, however, was a Southern Baptist preacher. He immediately stood up, and with arms swinging, voice thundering, and looking to the heavens, he repeated a very vocal and unrestrained prayer. “Holy Father of God,” “Merciful Father,” and “Glory be praised, God in heaven,” was shouted from the rooftops as this family prayed together. The very moment Grandpa said “amen,” the IV flushed and the medication began to flow.

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Two prayers were offered that day, and I have wondered which prayer was heard? And which prayer was answered? I know that God undoubtedly heard and answered the prayer of this loving grandfather. Every resounding word. He listened to this Baptist preacher who prayed with real intent. But God also heard the silent prayer of a desperate nurse who needed to help her patient. Though silent, simplistic, and seemingly insignificant, this prayer was also heard and answered. “Ask, and it will shall be given to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. (Matthew 7:7).

Sometimes it can feel like there is a blockage in our communication lines to God. There are moments when the blessings and help we so desperately seek, seem to be stalled. If we turn toward His light, we can receive hope and comfort. Prayer brings blessings, even when things don’t turn out as we hoped.

Prayer is the ultimate source of communication that is never exclusive. Prayer speaks all languages, can be used at any given moment and doesn’t charge by the minute. There are no visiting hours, busy signals, or overloaded networks. Prayer works in times of joy, sorrow, heartache, gratitude, fear, confusion, love, pain, and peace. Prayer does not require a full charge or a full tank but perhaps is more effective when the battery is low and the tank is empty.

Our loving Heavenly Father is eager to love and bless all of His children who seek to involve him in the details of their lives. May we cast aside our differences, and unite together as children of God. Everyone can access His help, guidance, love, and peace. And when we offer our hearts and prayers together, His blessings are sure to flow.

Katie McKee is a pediatric ICU nurse, a mama of 3, and avid outdoorswoman. She loves to fish, four-wheel, and is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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