Jim Cooper

Former Palmer Mayor Jim Cooper will fun for mayor in Palmer once again.

MAT-SU — While the last group of November winners are still in Juneau working, the next batch of local elected officials is ready to get on the ballot.

Nikki Velock and James Harvey are the candidates who will be appearing on ballots in Wasilla’s regular election for three-year terms. Velock is running for Gretchen O’Barr’s vacant Seat E, and Deputy Mayor Harvey is running for re-election in Seat F.

Palmer has multiple candidates for each of the three open city council seats. Current councilman Steve Carrington is being challenged by Lee Henrikson for the two-year term. Current councilman David Fuller is running against former councilman Richard Best, Lisa Albert-Konecky and Jill Valerius for the three-year term, and Mayor Edna DeVries is challenged by former mayor Jim Cooper.

Both elections will be held on October 1.

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