MAT-SU — The Mat-Su has had 39 positive cases of COVID-19 over the last seven days, with five new cases of coronavirus identified on Friday. Alaska has 46 new resident cases today with 1,063 cases total, 223 of those nonresident cases.

Of the 1,063 cases identified in Alaska, 539 have been identified as recovered with 509 active cases. In the Mat-Su, 66 of the 107 total cases of COVID-19 are listed as active. An Anchorage man recently died due to the COVID virus and Alaska now has 15 deaths.

The Anchorage Department of Health released a list of businesses that had confirmed persons who were infectious with COVID-19 spent extended time in and listed Spurs Bar and Grill in Palmer. The Anchorage Department of Health press release lists three case visits to Spurs, formerly 4 Corners, between June 23 and June 27. All of the 19 businesses listed by the Anchorage Department of Health are bars or restaurants.

In the Mat-Su, Big Lake has identified six cases with four of them active. Houston has two cases identified with only one active, and two cases are attributed to ‘other’ with one active. Palmer has 22 active cases out of 33 total and Wasilla has 32 active cases of COVID-19 with 57 total. Out of the 107 total cases in the Mat-Su, 26 have been identified as community cases and 22 listed as secondary cases. Only 7 of the 107 have been travel cases with two hospitalizations and one death. Of the 107 cumulative cases in the Mat-Su, 52 are currently under investigation.

In the last seven days, 39 new cases have been identified in the Mat-Su, with the single highest day since the start of the pandemic occurring on July 1 with 13 new cases. A total of 8,110 Mat-Su residents have been tested for COVID-19, accounting for .08 percent of the population.

The Department of Health and Social Services response hub dashboard lists 59 available inpatient beds of the 125 total. Half of the 14 Intensive Care Unit beds are available and only three of the 11 available ventilators are in use. The DHSS dashboard lists one person as currently hospitalized COVID positive and persons under investigation in the Mat-Su.

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