PALMER — The Mat-Su Career and Technical High School 2021 senior graduation was held at the Colony High School football field.

Career Tech Salutatorian Maggie Ludwig said that so much time transpired leading up to this culminating moment, a memorable milestone so many people have been looking forward to for so long. She said that her most important message for her class was to remember to live one day at a time and to find creative ways to make the most out of each day.

“People tend to view their lives as a series of landmark events such as those transpiring today. We think in of terms of finish lines, due dates, weekends, summers, and of course, graduations. So often it seems we simply survive day-to-day living only to pause to catch our breath in these relatively short, memorable instances,” Ludwig said. “I have found, as many of you have, that finding purpose in the monotony in the in-between is one of the greatest challenges of all. It’s hard to stay motivated at all times, especially when you do not see the instantaneous result of your labor. One of the greatest lessons I learned during high school and probably the most important thing I can share with you today is something that all of you taught me: keep going.”

Bryan Clemons said that it felt good to graduate and he had fun during the ceremony. His mother, Holly Clemons, said that she was overwhelmed with bittersweet joy for the end of her son’s high school chapter and the next adventure waiting before him.

“Today was overwhelming but in such an amazing way,” Holly said. “He’s come a tremendous way. He’s come so far in the last four years. He’s just a good, young man with a good heart and I’m incredibly proud of him.”

Holly said that Bryan is part of one of the school’s job placement programs called the Next Step Program which will help place him in a job that suits his interests as well as his special needs. She praised Career Tech’s faculty for fostering excitement for education amongst its students and helping her son and many others gravitate towards topics they enjoy and build careers from.

“I think it has incredible employment opportunities and it really helps these kids drill into where their skills are at. It helps them develop their potential and helps them find their path on where they want to go in life,” Holly said.

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