PALMER — Before Mat-Su Borough School District reopened schools in August, massive orders of cleaning supplies and equipment were placed and shipped to the Valley. To keep MSBSD schools open for the 11,943 students taking classes in-person, the custodial staff members have been working at each school to ensure that surfaces are cleaned and that schools remain a safe environment for students.

“We have the spray bottles and cloths in the classroom we put in holders for the spray bottles, especially in elementary school they’re high enough so the kids aren’t getting a hold of them but so that the teachers have that access if they feel they need to spray down an area for them to feel safe and comfortable to do what they need to do,” said MSBSD Custodial Supervisor Janean Pralle. “We used to in the evenings sanitize the desks and that’s really where our change has gone. We’ve gone from sanitizing to disinfecting so with that being said the disinfecting of 2020 because we have to make those surfaces food safe. We’re having to clean wash after we disinfect so we spray a disinfectant down it has to sit for 5 to 10 minutes and then we clean wash it off.”

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