John Moosey

Palmer City Manager John Moosey

PALMER — At the meeting of the Palmer City Council on Sept. 8, the cvouncil unanimously approved a COVID-19 CARES Act funds policy pertaining to the distribution of $7,566,546.24 received through the CARES Act. Resolution 20-022 was presented for Public Hearing to the Council last Tuesday with a detailed description of each of the programs put out by the city of Palmer to distribute funds to citizens.

“The reason this is important is because any expenditure we made, the audit will look at this and say does this expenditure line up with the policy approved by the city council, so we could have went with what was done on July 14,” said City Manager John Moosey. “This is extra protection to make sure we are handling this properly. This has been reviewed by an outside auditor. This has been reviewed by attorney Gatti and I think it covers us and set clear guidelines with guidelines that aren’t so clear coming from the state and the feds.”

The resolution offers specific descriptions offered by the U.S. Treasury for distribution of funds alongside each portion of funding set aside. Small Business CARES grants and non-profit grants, nonprofit competitive grants, city utility abatement, city mitigation expenditures and city resiliency and recovery. The motion to approve Resolution 20-022 was amended by a motion from Councilman Richard Best who asked that previously mentioned in the document resolutions 20-015 and 20-017 be attached to the resolution as well. The motion passed unanimously. Moosey also detailed in his report that Phase 2 of the Small Business CARES grants would be presented at the next meeting on September 22. With the departure of Palmer Fire Chief John McNutt, Moosey said that eight qualified candidates had applied for the open position and interviews would be conducted in the coming weeks. Moosey reported that the bankruptcy of Ravn Air resulted in an agreement at the airport through the work of Airport Supervisor Frank Kelly and City Attorney Michael Gatti where a settlement agreement with Ravn will be presented to the council. City Clerk Norma Alley reported that 210 absentee by mail applications had already been received and applications are due Sept. 29 for by mail absentee ballots. Early voting in Palmer begins Sept. 21 in the back of the Assembly chambers at the Borough building. During Moosey’s Manager’s report, he said that the city administration is working on traffic and pedestrian safety issues and have ordered equipment that he hopes will make a difference.

“By far the biggest complaint we get from our residents is speeding on their roads,” said Moosey.

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