Alaska State Troopers

MAT-SU — The Alaska State Troopers released statistics on their special Holiday Traffic Enforcement period on Friday.

The special traffic enforcement lasted from Dec. 16, 2020, until Jan. 4. Approximately 24 commissioned Alaska State Troopers and Alaska Wildlife Troopers put forth upwards of 200 hours of overtime through a federal grant issued to the Alaska Highway Safety Office under the Department of Transportation.

Troopers cited 724 drivers over the three week special enforcement effort and issued 20 driving under the influence arrests, 18 of which were misdemeanor arrests and two Felony DUI arrests.

“The holidays are a memorable time for many Alaskans, but far too often festivities involved drinking and driving, which puts the lives of too many in jeopardy,” said Colonel Bryan Barlow, Director of the Alaska State Troopers. “Troopers have zero tolerance for driving under the influence, and when you are caught, you will be arrested and brought to jail. Always make a plan to get home safely by calling a cab, using a rideshare program, or staying the night.”

Troopers charged 46 drivers with driving while license suspended or revoked and nine of the 19 different Report Every Dangerous Driver Immediately (REDDI) reports were contacted and determined not to be under the influence.

Statistics compiled for the special holiday traffic enforcement period include the over 200 hours of overtime and regular patrol statistics from AST and AWT. Troopers in Detachment A, B, D, and both northern and southern AWT detachments participated in the special traffic enforcement effort.

Including the 724 drivers cited over the three-week period, 148 collisions were investigated across Alaska’s roadways. There were 137 collisions with damage only, 10 collisions where drivers were injured and one fatal car crash investigated by AST. Of the 724 citations issued, 259 were for speeding infractions and 21 were seatbelt or other restraining mechanism violations.

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