Glenda Ledford

Glenda Ledford was sworn in as the new mayor of Wasilla at a special meeting of the Wasilla City Council on Friday and takes office on Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

WASILLA — Nearly a month after the local municipal elections were held, Wasilla has a new mayor.

Glenda Ledford received 411 votes in the mayoral runoff, defeating Doug Holler who received 350. Holler, a former councilman, ran against Stu Graham and Ledford in the mayoral race, while Graham and Ledford finished out their council terms with Ledford serving as Deputy Mayor to Bert Cottle. Ledford held a 20-vote lead on election night, Oct. 6, and after 441 early, absentee, poll questioned and special needs had been counted on Friday, Ledford was announced the winner with 54 percent of the votes. Ledford was sworn in at a special meeting of the Wasilla City Council on Friday and takes office on Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

“I’m humbled by the support that I have had through this whole campaign season and I look forward to continuing to build on what the present administration has put in place,” Ledford said. “You know what, my door is open. If you have issues or whatever, come and talk to me because if I don’t know about it, I cannot do anything about it. So my door is open, it’s going to be a transparent, open, honest relationship with the citizens of the city.”

Ledford congratulated Holler on running a clean campaign and thanked him for his willingness to serve. After the 761 total votes were counted out of 787 ballots cast, Ledford extended her lead with 228 early, absentee, questioned and special needs votes added to her total. Holler received 41 votes less via absentee, early, questioned and special needs ballots. The 761 ballots that were accepted account for 10.8 percent of all Wasilla voters. Of the 232 absentee ballots that were requested and sent out, 149 were returned and 146 of those were accepted. Ledford said she was eager to get started and hoped to begin working right away when she takes office at the start of next week.

“It’s continuing to build on what has been created,” Ledford said. “First of all the city has to stay open for business and I guarantee you that I will give that my best effort and not only that, we have to appoint a new police chief, and meeting with all the departments and everything to see. Let’s make a plan for Wasilla to be great and make a play for Wasilla to keep getting greater.”

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