City of Wasilla

City of Wasilla staff count absentee ballots Friday.

WASILLA — The city of Wasilla will have a runoff for mayor on Oct. 27 between Doug Holler and Deputy Mayor Glenda Ledford.

The Canvass Board added 256 ballots Friday to the tallies from Tuesday and none of the three candidates for mayor received 40 percent of the vote, triggering a runoff between the two candidates receiving the most votes.

“I like the numbers. A runoff is a runoff so you just get back out there on the campaign trail and start again from the beginning until Oct. 27,” said Holler. “Just keep getting the word out. It seems like the majority of the votes I got through to some people and hopefully I will resonate with more.”

Holler received a total of 238 votes, adding 84 absentee ballots to his poll total from Tuesday. Ledford received 210 votes, also adding 84 absentee votes on Friday. Councilman Stu Graham received 166 total votes. Adding 76 absentee ballots to his total on Friday, Graham received 26.9 percent of the ballots cast in the Mayoral race. Holler’s 238 votes account for 38.6 percent of the votes cast and Ledford received 34 percent. There were three write-in votes cast in the mayoral race, one of which was an absentee ballot.

“I would hope that I would win of course. I’m in this to win it and the 210 votes I received, I appreciate every vote that I got because 210 people had confidence in me to lead the city,” said Ledford. “I appreciate every voteIi got and I will strive to continue to get more votes because it’s important to me that the city of Wasilla, we’re in a good place and we need to stay open for business and keep on doing what we’ve been doing.”

Simon Brown II extended his election night lead over Jo Lynn Bozer in the race for council seat D. Brown added 128 absentee votes, receiving 298 votes total that accounted for 54.1 percent of the votes cast in the race for council seat D. Bozer received 237 votes total with 99 absentee votes added to her Tuesday total. Bozer’s 237 votes accounted for 43 percent of the ballots cast in the race for council seat D.

Tim Johnson won his race for council seat C unopposed with 456 votes.

Of the 7,326 registered voters in Wasilla, a total of 621 ballots were counted, accounting for 8.4 percent of all Wasilla voters. Of the 621 ballots counted, 375 were cast at the polls and 256 were cast as absentee, questioned, early or special needs ballots and added to the totals by the Canvass Board on Friday. At the polls on Tuesday, all of the 375 ballots that were cast were also counted. Of the 346 absentee ballots cast, 265 were counted. There were 83 early votes, 140 absentee ballots, 22 questioned ballots and one special needs ballot that were counted by the Canvass Board. Of the 225 absentee ballots cast, 85 were discarded and 14 questioned ballots were also discarded.

In fundraising for the Mayoral election, Graham reported $7,580.68 in total income to the Alaska Public Offices Commission and 6,270 in expenses. Graham made a total of $5,351.28 in donations by himself. Holler reported a total income of $6,080 and $6,069.54 in expenses. Holler donated only $30 himself and received $500 in donations from his wife Misty. Ledford reported $13,850 in total income to the APOC and reported $9,803.44 in expenses. Ledford received $200 donations from the Mat-Su Republican Women’s Club and the Valley Republican Women of Alaska. Ledford made four contributions totaling $7,000 by herself.

The Wasilla city council will meet on Oct. 12 at 6 p.m., to certify the election and the runoff is on Oct. 27.

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