We are Americans from across the political spectrum of this great republic. What unites us, and connects us to you, is our status as graduates of the United States Military Academy. We believe the privilege of graduating from West Point bears with it a lifetime of responsibility for the common good of our nation. We believe misconduct by any graduate, especially by those holding offices of public trust, brings discredit and dishonor upon our alma mater. We believe it is incumbent on members of the Long Gray Line to take a public stand against such misconduct when it occurs.

We give it as our fixed opinion that, as a serving member of the Alaska State Legislature who has repeatedly emphasized your status as a veteran and a graduate, you have discredited yourself and betrayed the values of West Point. We call on you to do the honorable thing and resign from office.

You have spread lies about our Constitutional system—dangerous lies which erode public faith in the republic we all swore a solemn oath to protect and defend. You have stated, despite all evidence to the contrary, that “the election process that has been observed thus far by the American people has been abused to such a degree that, in my view, it can no longer be called an election.” In fact, it is you who has abused the electoral process, by encouraging your constituents to view as fraudulent the results of a fair and free election.

You were present in Washington, D.C. on January 6 , protesting this fair and free election. You falsely blamed the day’s violence on “Antifa,” but it is clear the criminal acts were carried out by right-wing insurrectionists.

What moved us to public comment was the revelation that you are a life member of one such insurrectionist group: the Oath Keepers, one of the largest far right anti-government groups in the United States. More than a dozen Oath Keepers have been charged with crimes for their role on January 6 . Its founder has called for “bloody revolution/civil war to throw off an illegitimate

Chinese/deep state regime,” by which he means our duly-elected, Constitutionally-appointed government. You have stated that you “will always consider it a privilege” to belong to Oath Keepers. Membership in the Oath Keepers, or any other organization—left or right—calling for violence against our Constitutional system of government, is wildly at odds with the bedrock values of West Point, as well as with the legal oath you swore when you became a member of the Alaska legislature. In fact, the Alaska Constitution disqualifies any person who belongs to an organization which advocates for the overthrow by force or violence of the government of the United States.

We do not all agree on the direction this country should take. But we all agree that your conduct goes against every value you have ever claimed to have in common with the rest of the Long Gray Line. It pains us, especially those of us who were your classmates, to see a fellow-graduate conducting himself in such a manner. It is our solemn responsibility to demand accountability for such disturbing and dishonorable conduct. You must acknowledge the dishonor you have brought upon yourself, our alma mater, and its graduates, by resigning from public office.

Justin Raphael, Class of 2003; William Edward ReBrook IV, Class of 2003 Ivan Hodes, Class of 2005; Michael McClary, Class of 1968; Chad Perkins, Class of 2013; And 64 Other Members of the Long Gray Line

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